Saturday, February 14, 2009

We need help!

We still have not decided on a name for our baby boy. We have one picked out but are not 100% about it. I guess I just need a little encouragement. Here is my dilemma: The name we have chosen is Cooper Reid. Which Sounds really good together! Then you add our last name, Hartz and it still sounds pretty good. However, how often do you say your child's full name? Not that often. He will more than likely just be called Cooper, or when he is older Cooper Hartz. Sounds funny, right? The thing about the name Cooper is, it's my maiden name. So, it would be nice to keep the name in the family. Greg loves it, I'm still on the fence about. What do you think?

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Jenn said...

My husband's sister's little fella is named that and I can't stand her so that's all I think of now when I hear it , I thought it was cute before though.

Reid is my uncle's name .

You could always use Cooper as the middle name too , that way you still use it . That's why we used Cannon for Brody's middle name it's my grandfather's last name .

Jenn said...

I forgot , I always try to get something that sounds good with the last name, since like you said nobody ever really says the middle name.

RoseCrew said...

I like Cooper Hartz, doesn't sound funny to me. But, Reid Hartz sounds pretty too.

Taylor Family said...

It's about time you started posting again! I'm with whoever mentioned using it as a middle name. I think it would sound better that way. If it makes you feel any better, we didn't even name Alyssa until she was almost a week old.