Monday, June 30, 2008

Hayden and the slip n' slide

Hayden didn't quite get the slip n' slide. But, the poor thing sure did try.

Landon and the slip n' slide

Landon is quite the pro at the slip n' slide. He tries to do everything that Kaylee does. He was a ham for the camera too.

Kaylee and the slip n' slide

Or should I say slip n' slide pro!! Kaylee got the slip n' slide down on the first try. Then when she saw that I got the camera out she got a little silly. She loves to have her pictures taken and tries to get in the pictures any way she can. I tried to explain to her she didn't have to pose for the pictures I just wanted to get her having fun. But, the little diva in her had to pose for pictures.

Cody and the Slip n' Slide

Cody loved the slip n' slide! He had a great time playing on it and observing everyone else. Cody's job was to make sure everyone returned to the line when they were finished sliding.

I'm Back's a new week! Time to relax and have some fun with my family. After cleaning my dirty house that is. It's amazing how much laundry can accumulate while your gone for a few days. Hayden and I had a good time at my sisters house. It was nice to spend some one on one time with her kids. I sent Hayden home with Greg on Friday night to spend some quality time with Daddy. It was a lot easier to watch after the kids once mine was out of the mix. Greg is on vacation until next Thursday. It will be nice to have him around for 10 days. He might drive me a little crazy but we have some fun things planned.

I've got some adorable pictures and video footage from the kids this weekend. I bought the kids a slip and slide to keep them occupied while Nikki and Travis were out of town. I have so many pictures and couldn't decide which ones I like best so I'm going to dedicate a single post to each child. I'll be working on those throughout the day.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hayden's new luggage

Hayden and I are making our yearly trip to Texas in September. I decided not to take the stroller since he's so independent. I want to keep his hands busy while he's at the airport and keep him focused on one thing so I decided to by him his own rolling suitcase. It's a 3 piece personalized set that I ordered from the Disney store. He fell in love with it immediately.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a week

Goodness, what a week it's been so far and we are only 1/2 way through it.

On Sunday Hayden and I ventured out at 6 am to take Greg to work and then go to my Dads. We made a pit stop at Bojangles and stopped by Grandma's house at 7 am. Poor Grandma! We ate breakfast and then went to my Dad's where we hung out for a bit. Then we all made our way to a family reunion in Nashville, NC. I haven't been to a reunion in probably 8-9 years and a lot of our family has never met Hayden. Boy were they in for a treat. It was nice to see and visit with everyone.

Monday was a pretty normal day, just a lot of housework.

On Tuesday I had a doctors apt at 9:30 and ended up being there until almost noon. I've been having horrible headaches and was wondering if possibly my blood pressure was acting crazy. Sure enough it was. It was 122/91 when they took it the first time. The bottom number is the one we tend to worry about. 91 is a little high. I lied down for a bit and it went down to 112/86. Still not the greatest but, better. Everything else looks really good. All of my labs from the first appointment came back normal. I was instructed to go and buy a blood pressure cuff and start monitoring my blood pressure at home. Our goal is to deliver at term and keep my blood pressure in the normal range. When I delivered Hayden my blood pressure was 174/126. We want to keep it far away from those numbers. My doctor is thinking that if we can get it under control now we won't have those problems in the future. I hope she's right. I have a doctors appointment in one week and we will discuss my options depending on what my blood pressures look like over the week. More than likely I will be put on a very low dose blood pressure medicine. We tried to find a heart beat using the doppler and she wasn't able to find it. There was only about a 50% chance we would hear it at 11 weeks. Hopefully we can hear it next week.
Today, I don't have much planned. I'll be cleaning up the house and doing lots of laundry. Hayden and I leave in the morning to go to my sisters house. Nikki and Travis are on a mission trip in Deleware and I will be watching her 3 kids until Saturday. Hayden is very excited to be going to stay at Aunt Icky's house so he can spend time with Landon. Greg has to work and will be staying here with Meko.
Starting Saturday Greg is on vacation for 9 days!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A little entertainment

I could hear Hayden playing on the back porch but, wasn't sure what he was doing. I'm recording this from our bedroom, in the dark so he doesn't see me. It's amazing what entertains a two year old.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I got this from a bloggy friend, Brittany and thought it was cute.

I am…ME, A daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend

I want…to be debt free

I wish... that the baby growing inside me remains healthy

I hate...the ants that ate my yeast rolls

I miss…Hayden when he was a baby but, love my forever talking little man

I fear… something happening to my family

I feel…loved

I hear…Blues Clues

I smell…laundry detergent ( I just put a load in the wash)

I crave…yeast rolls with honey butter (I could have one if the ants didn't eat them)

I search…the house for Hayden's shoes everyday!

I wonder…if there is a boy or girl growing inside me

I regret…NOTHING...everything happens for a reason

I love…God, Life, my family, and my friends

I care…so deeply about my family

I ache…in my head (I've had a head ache for days)

I always...feel blessed

I believe…that everything happens for a reason

I dance…oh gosh I'm not a good dancer at all, I trip over my own feet. But, Hayden and I do dance around the house from time to time

I the car

I cry…a lot

I don’t always...keep the laundry under control

I fight…myself, alot.

I write…on my blog

I never…forget what God has blessed me with

I listen…to my heart

I need…to finish the laundry

I am happy... to be me

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Fathers Day Cookie Cake Attempt #1

Silly me didn't grease the pan! Ultimately I wanted a round cookie but if you don't have a round pan that is nearly impossible, unless you grease the pan and then cut it. Since I had already screwed the whole thing I decided to cut little shapes with the cookie cutter. While doing so i realized the entire middle of my cookie was raw. Are you kidding me! So, I started over and my new cookie cake is cooling off on the counter. I think this time I'll leave it in it's original rectangular shape and decorate it that way. Now I have all these yummy chocolate chip cookie scraps and nothing to do with them. This could be a disaster with a pregnant woman in the house!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wake UP

Hayden doesn't like to take a nap. In fact, he gives me a hard time about it most days. But, once he falls asleep he doesn't like to wake up. I normally have to wake him up from his naps or he'll sleep all day. Sometimes, I like to give him a hard time when he wakes up and he doesn't like it. I say it's pay back for what he puts me through before he falls asleep. Yesterday I decided to chronicle him waking up...

He's not very happy I came in his room

I tell him I'm sorry but, it's after 3 and it's time to get up. He dosn't care!

He tells me to leave...

there he goes...the little rascall thinks he's going back to sleep

He thinks if he can't see me I can't take his picture...

Wrong!!! I found you!

Don't you go back to sleep...

Now he's trying to be cute

After a big yawn he finally decides to get up!

The End!

Monday, June 9, 2008

101 degrees...

And the sweat to prove it!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

11 days

11 days until the official start of summer on June 20. It's not even officially summer and it's 100 degrees outside. Unbelievable. I find myself pushing Hayden out the back door at 8 in the morning so he can play before it gets too hot. Then we are stuck inside for the rest of the day. We just can't win, stuck inside in the winter and stuck inside in the summer. AHHHHHHHHH! In my perfect world it would be in the mid 70's year round. I'm just thankful I'm in the beginning of my pregnancy and I'll be big and miserable in the winter. I knew there was a reason we have winter babies.

I'm done complaining...thanks for listening!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Please pardon my mess...I'm in desperate need of a makeover!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Day at the Lake

We only live about 5 minutes from the lake so we can go as often as we like. Especially with the way gas prices are a 5 minute trip down the road beats a 3 hour trip to the beach!

Hayden must have said something funny!

We had planned on going back again today but mommy put sunscreen on everyone but herself. Smart, huh!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I don't know what it is about bubbles that makes children so happy. But, Hayden loves bubble and you can buy a huge mega container of them at Walmart for 3 bucks!!!
He could spend hours doing this.
I just love to see him smile! :)
You see that blurr? That's our crazy dog, Meko! He's the reason Hayden is really so happy. They are best buds but, when it comes to bubbles Meko goes a little nuts. He tries to catch them all and he'll stop for nothing, so don't get in his way
Hayden thinks it's hilarious. Really Meko is a maniac when it comes to bubbles.

He's waiting....

Hayden taunts him too so I'm sure that doesn't help.

Here he out!!

See he's crazy!

Aww Meko, put your tongue in your mouth.

Crazy, I tell you, Crazy!!! Look at those ears! This could seriously go on for hours but, just watching Meko exhausts me and I'm afraid someone is going to get hurt. So I have to only allow bubble time in small increments or we have to put Meko inside!! Crazy!

Now I have to go nap!