Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Official

I'm going crazy! All I can think about are Hayden's train tracks. He tears them apart 3,4, sometimes even 5 times a day. Don't get me wrong he plays with them the right way. But, for some reason he gets satisfaction in tearing them apart and putting them back together. The problem, he can't put them back together so I have to. At first I began taking pictures of the finished product but I found that it was harder to look at a sheet of paper and then build. So now I build a different track every time because I can't remember exactly how the first one was. I've gotten pretty good at it. However, I can't stop thinking about how I can make it better. It's become quite and obsession. I catch myself through out the day thinking about these tracks! I even dream about them. It's gotten completely out of hand...I may need professional help!

This is what we started with.
After I used my design skills
What happens when I leave the room for 5 minutes!

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