Tuesday, March 18, 2008

7 things

7 Things you may not know about me...
(all of us bloggers have been challenged)

1.) I never wanted children. I know that sounds horrible but it wasn't on my list of things I was dying to do. When I graduated high school I wanted to graduate college, back pack across Europe, and live in NYC for at least a year. I have done none of those things. But, I have been blessed with the amazing gift of being a mother. If I could go back and re-write my list, having children would definitely be on it.

2.) I have an obsession with my vacuum cleaner. It drives Greg crazy he laughs every time I get it out. I don't like to feel things under my feet. So I run my little Bissell about 20 or so times a day.

3.) When I was 15 I was convinced my parents were going to buy me a brand new Silver Spider Eclipse. My step dad would tease me every time we went some where. I was really convinced, instead they bought me a 1991 red hatch back Hyundai excel that I wrecked 2 months after I had my license. I bet they were glad they didn't buy me that eclipse. My parents paid for my little car to get fixed but not to get painted. So for a year and half in high school I drove a two toned car.

4.) I used to love cats growing up. We always had them at our house. Now I can't stand them. I think they are a little weird and kind of gross. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with Greg being deathly allergic but I can't stand them.

5.) I Love BBQ sauce. I can eat it on anything. I put it on macaroni and cheese, popcorn, and cheerios. I know that sounds a little strange but it's really good on dry cheerios.

6.) I like the smell of Clorox and Pine-sol. In college my roommate would have to leave our room when I cleaned because she couldn't stand the smell of it. I don't use either of those now as much as I used to because of Hayden. Come to think of it she kind of had it rough I used to make her eat her tuna in the hallway because it would make me gag. Poor Tanya!

7.) I bite my nails. I've tried everything to stop. I've even put hot sauce on them, it didn't work. I've seriously considered voodoo therapy or acupuncture treatments to quit. I don't know what else to do.

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