Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia

I get so busy in my day to day schedule that I take for granted all the little things that make being a mom so special. The good and the bad. (who am I kidding there is no bad) I've mentioned in a couple recent posts about the Lawrenson Family and there struggle over the past few months and months to come. I've been challenged to make a list of all the things that I take for granted that I wish so deeply for Tricia to experience. So Tricia this is for you:

I can't wait for you to experience this...

  • Late night feedings and singing Gwyneth back to sleep.
  • Staying awake the entire night the first time she sleeps in her crib
  • Laying in bed listening to the sweet noises she makes over the monitor
  • Christmas mornings
  • Rushing to take your first shower in 3 days during naptime
  • Having her fall asleep on your chest and wishing that moment would last forever.
  • projectile vomit from the back seat of the car (we know it all happens)
  • Hearing her say mommy for the first time
  • Seeing those little arms stretched up in the air begging for you to pick her up.
  • Hearing her say "It's alright mommy" when you burn your hand or are crying
  • Telling your Nathan "it's your turn I changed her last time".
  • bath time
  • reading bedtime stories (the same one over and over)
  • The obsession kids get with things and having to carry her favorite toy everywhere you go (and its a new one every week)
  • only being able to wash her favorite blanket when she's asleep
  • smeared dirty diapers in the crib
  • Seeing Gwyneth run around the house playing with Meka
  • First teeth
  • First steps
  • Having Gwyneth crawl in bed with you just to snuggle one last time before going to sleep
  • Bear hugs right when you wake up in the morning
  • watching the same show over and over on tv
  • demanding that she wear a certain shirt even though its 2 sizes to small
  • those sweet slobbery kisses

I could go on forever...Tricia I just can't wait until you can touch her skin to skin. And all the other little moments that we take for granted everyday but are so very special.

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