Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Rambling

So, I had a fantastic Birthday yesterday. Thanks to all who sent cards, called, or came by. I truly had a great day. I had a hard time when I turned 25, I just didn't take it well. But, I've come to realize that the older I get the more time I get to spend with my adorable little boy. And 26 isn't so bad. My sister came by and and brought me flowers and took me to lunch. Then my friend Candice and her sweet, adorable 3 week old little girl came over and we hung out and had a glass of wine. Greg got home and we went to PF Chang's (our 2nd favorite restaurant) and it was wonderful. Even Hayden was good! I even got a couple presents from my sweet husband. I really had a great day!

Then, at about 1:30 a.m. Greg and I woke up to the sound of Meko freaking out at our sliding doors in the bedroom. I leave the screen door open so if Meko needs to go out in the middle of the night all I have to do is open the sliding doors and not go all the way outside. Well, never again will I do that. Greg gets up to look and see what he's barking at and he says, "It's just a cat, Meko chill out." So, I get up and look and say, "Hon, that's no cat, it's a raccoon." This ginormous raccoon had knocked over the dog food container and was chowing down on some food. We tried everything to get him to go away. Finally, Greg goes and gets the broom and barely opens the door and was poking the raccoon to get it to go away. It finally did and Greg ran out and shut the screen door and we went back to sleep. When we woke up this morning the first thing Greg said was, "I can't believe there was a raccoon on our porch", and I said "I can't believe you thought it was a cat, your an idiot! " We had an exciting night!

Today I have been living with a heathen. Hayden has been horrible. He refuses to take a nap and that doesn't make me happy. He throws things, hits, and destroys everything he touches. He's spent most of the day in time out and it's not working. I'm at my wits end, I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm open for any suggestions anyone out there in blog land might be able to offer.

Anyway, sorry there are no pictures. I'll try and take some soon!

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