Thursday, April 3, 2008


The weather here has been weird.

Hayden and I have been stuck in the house for what seems like FOREVER!

No car and lots of rain=no fun.

Greg turned 29 last Friday! Hayden went and had a sleepover with Landon, and had a blast. Greg and I had a nice relaxing dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (our favorite) and did some clothes shopping for Hayden at the mall. Then we came home and watched basketball. It was very nice to have some time together.

The opening of the Apex restaurant has been smooth so far. It's been a lot easier on us. Not sure if it's because Greg knows what he's doing now or if he has a better opening team. We've seen him more in the past couple weeks more than we have in the last 6 months. For that, I am thankful! Hayden likes it too!

We are down to one car, the "exploder" has finally exploded! Well, not really but I'm afraid to drive it. And to get it fixed would be more than it's actually worth. So for now it sits in the drive way collecting pollen and Hayden and I are stuck at home.

I don't really have much else to report since we've been stuck in the house nothing really excited has been going on. Hayden has been attached to his new rain boots that my sister gave him. They are really kind of silly since he can't really walk in them. If we don't get out of this house this weekend, I just might actually go crazy!

Hope everyone is doing well. So long for now!

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