Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What would you do with a minute?

McDonald's has a new campaign asking kids what they would do with one minute. You can read about it here at The Mom Salon. Over there they are asking moms what they would do with one minute.

Here is what I would do:

If I had one extra minute I would spend it with Hayden just talking. His little imagination is amazing and the stories he has to tell are priceless.

If Hayden had one minute:

He would probably take off all his clothes and run around the house like a wild man. (this seems to be his favorite activity lately. Last night I had to put his clothes back on 8 times and then I gave up.)

So what would you do with a minute?

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Taylor Family said...

What a cute post. Where do you find all of these things?

nana said...

I love reading your tags and stories, you have a real talent for writing and I love how it gives me a glimpse into who you are, I love who you are. You are an awesome woman, wife, and mom. Debbie