Monday, March 2, 2009

SNOW DAY (part 2)

The snow sure does make our house pretty. I'm not even sure exactly how much snow we got this time. I do know that it isn't nearly as much as we got last month. The roads are pretty much clear at this point. However, the temperature keeps dropping, so I am sure the roads will be bad tonight. And if you've ever driven in NC in the snow you know that NO ONE knows how to drive!! So, I'm staying home!

Hayden thought that this Magnolia tree needed to be cleaned off. I think it was a bigger job that he had anticipated!

Hayden's attempt to get me with a snow ball. The snow just wasn't sticky enough. Snow balls just kind of fell apart mid air. He sure is cute though.

Don't be fooled...this is only a snow angel. Hayden has not exactly been an angel lately. Although, his behaviour this week has been much better than weeks before. Hopefully, he is getting out all of his misbehaving before the baby is born...ha!

Man, we made one cute kid!!!

I told Hayden that it was cold and we should probably go inside. His response was "but mommy, I've got to drive my truck!" The truck didn't move.

I do enjoy snow days, but I don't enjoy the actual snow. It does give me an extra day to get things done around the house which is always nice.

2 Tell me about it:

Jenn said...

Glad he had fun !

Taylor Family said...

I'm so glad I"m not the only one that HATES snow. I never like it. I don't like bad roads, cold, scraping my car, cold, playing in it, cold. Did I say I don't like the cold?