Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh Man

This poor kid just can't win. Ever since Hayden was an infant Greg has had a very unusual obsession with the boogers in his nose. He just can't stand it if Hayden has any. Like most kids, Hayden doesn't like it when his dad sticks his finger up his nose to pull the newest one out. So, recently Greg taught Hayden how to get them out himself. Bad Idea on Greg's part. Now Hayden constantly has his finger up his nose. If he gets one out he puts his finger in your face and says "mommy is that a big booger" I'm seriously not kidding. Now, I have to break the kid of picking his nose or I'm going to be the mom of "the booger picker" when he gets older. Thanks a lot Greg!!

You best believe I'm saving this picture. This will be in the box labeled "pictures to show Hayden's girlfriends".

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