Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Talk about concentration

I was watching Hayden play with his Lego's the other night and the faces he made while concentrating amazed me. So, I went and grabbed my camera. This must be the very serious concentrating face.

I mean seriously, look at that mouth. He's really concentrating. You have to hold your mouth just right in order to get the piece to fit.

This is the less serious face. I never really noticed that he stuck his tongue out when he concentrated.

All that hard work and concentration paid off. Hayden's Lego masterpiece and a little "cheesing".

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Jenn said...

How cute ,Tanner use to do that to with lego and playing his video game Zelda !

Taylor Family said...

You capture the cutest moments with your camera. One of my favorite posts you've done is all the pictures showing Hayden waking up from his nap! I love it!