Friday, May 2, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

Last night we had
10 digging toes
10 grabby fingers
2 kicking feet
2 punching fists
TOO MANY in our bed last night!
Poor little guy has been battling a cold this week and last night his fever broke at about 11:30 pm. He woke up soaking wet and upset. So he slept with us! Hayden hasn't slept with us since he was a newborn. Not even once. He slept very well, you could tell by the snoring. Mommy and Daddy not so much. Today, I have been exhausted, one step behind all day. This is a list of things Hayden has done (I'm not kidding)
  • dumped an entire bag of sugar on the coffee table (now we have ants)
  • put dog food down the air vent
  • took all the clothes out of his drawers
  • emptied his toy chest
  • hit me with his rubber snake at least a million times (I finally took it away)
  • took an apple juice container out of the trash and dumped the remaining contents on the living room floor. (now we have even more ants)
  • used eggs to play fetch with the dog

I'm sure there is more I haven't discovered yet...I'm exhausted can someone read me a book and tuck me in tonight? And the best part of all Greg is working late tonight so it's just me.

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