Saturday, June 14, 2008


Fathers Day Cookie Cake Attempt #1

Silly me didn't grease the pan! Ultimately I wanted a round cookie but if you don't have a round pan that is nearly impossible, unless you grease the pan and then cut it. Since I had already screwed the whole thing I decided to cut little shapes with the cookie cutter. While doing so i realized the entire middle of my cookie was raw. Are you kidding me! So, I started over and my new cookie cake is cooling off on the counter. I think this time I'll leave it in it's original rectangular shape and decorate it that way. Now I have all these yummy chocolate chip cookie scraps and nothing to do with them. This could be a disaster with a pregnant woman in the house!

2 Tell me about it:

Jenn said...

Sorry ,the first try didn't turn out and that's just too bad that you have all those cookie scraps to eat! Hope you have a good day !

Taylor Family said...

What a shame. Pregnant or not, I would have downed every last scrap until I threw them away. I have no willpower.