Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I don't know what it is about bubbles that makes children so happy. But, Hayden loves bubble and you can buy a huge mega container of them at Walmart for 3 bucks!!!
He could spend hours doing this.
I just love to see him smile! :)
You see that blurr? That's our crazy dog, Meko! He's the reason Hayden is really so happy. They are best buds but, when it comes to bubbles Meko goes a little nuts. He tries to catch them all and he'll stop for nothing, so don't get in his way
Hayden thinks it's hilarious. Really Meko is a maniac when it comes to bubbles.

He's waiting....

Hayden taunts him too so I'm sure that doesn't help.

Here he goes...watch out!!

See he's crazy!

Aww Meko, put your tongue in your mouth.

Crazy, I tell you, Crazy!!! Look at those ears! This could seriously go on for hours but, just watching Meko exhausts me and I'm afraid someone is going to get hurt. So I have to only allow bubble time in small increments or we have to put Meko inside!! Crazy!

Now I have to go nap!

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Jenn said...

Funny, it's good the dog gets along so well with your son though,some dogs don't .