Monday, October 20, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blah

No pictures today! I left my camera in the car and I keep forgetting to take it out. Actually, Greg left it in the car...not me. But, whatever! Hayden and I had a pretty busy weekend which is so not the norm for us. Friday, Landon came over for what I like to call, "Toddler Sleepovers". They are adorable together and exhaust me completley but, keep me laughing at the same time. Landon went home with a black eye (sorry Nikki) from wrestling in the bath tub. Hayden got two minor concussions from jumping on the bed and hitting the wall. Just kidding about the concussion part. He did say he was dizzy though, both times. The two of them ate an entire pizza by themselves, except for the one piece they let me have. A whole pizza, these are 3 years olds! I didn't know they start eating so much so early. They went to bed with no problems at 8:30 and I had the rest of the evening to myself.

Saturday I decided to take Greg to work and spend the day in Fuquay. This is also rare for us, we don't get out of the house much. We hung out with my mom and Hayden played outside for hours at my sisters house. I miss them, I wish we still lived right up the road from them. Yesterday, Hayden was the pits. I guess he was over exhausted from two busy days. He was not fun to be around yesterday. This morning he woke up at 5:30 with a fever and a runny nose. He seems to be feeling better and the fever has not come back. Hayden has pretty much abandoned nap time for the last couple months. I've decided that I was going to reinforce them starting yesterday. So far so good, and I've gotten to take two uninterrupted showers!! Hallelujah!

This week should be pretty uneventful we don't have much planned. Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I promise I'll post pictures over the next few days.

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Jenn said...

Sound like he had a fun weekend. I hope he feels better soon, and isn't it lovely when they no longer do naps!

Taylor Family said...

Toddler sleepovers...You really are super mom!