Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a wonderful day!

Yesterday, Hayden and I had a fantastic afternoon. Our day started out normal, I did laundry and my Monday cleaning while he played Lego's and made a mess. After lunch we went for a long walk, hand in hand, talking about our day. He talked and talked about everything he saw and what he liked. I was informed that his favorite color is red, not green like I thought. His favorite food is not candy, it's spaghetti. His favorite thing in the world is his soccer ball, I thought it was me! I learned a lot about that little boy yesterday just while taking a walk around the neighborhood. He informed me that our neighbors were actually monkeys that moved hear from the jungle. The used to live with the snakes and the jaguars (go figure). He has quite the imagination. His story was even equipped with the sound that the animals make. I've decided from hear on out to ditch the stroller and walk hand in hand with him always because I learn so much more about my son.

After our walk we kicked around his favorite thing in the world in the front yard. I'm still a little upset I'm not his favorite thing. But, I'm glad I was getting kicked around. Anyway, then we went exploring for wild exotic orange mushrooms (just mushrooms really). Our adventure started in the front yard and we ended up exploring the neighbors yards too. (hope they don't mind) We explored the park at the end of our street and saw fire ants and a hornets nest. When we finally made our way back home we had juice and a snack and watched Blues Clues. What a Beautiful Day!!!

Did you do any exploring yesterday?

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Jenn said...

That's really nice, it sure is amazing the things they tell you that you never would have guessed would be their answer.
Tanner loved Blues clues and now Brody watches it every morning when he gets up.