Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Perfect Size

We have a dog. We love our dog. But, he's not the walking on a leash type of dog, he never has been. He needs some serious training when it comes to the leash. Hayden would never be able to take Meko for a walk on his own. Meko would be dragging him behind. It would be ugly.

When we were in Texas, Hayden fell in love with Melody. She is the perfect size for him. He loved to take her for walks and she loved it when he took her on a walk. He misses her so much and when I showed him these pictures of him and Melody he asked if we could go to Nana's today. We miss you Melody and Jenny, and we miss our human relatives in Texas too!!!!
We Love you guys!

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Jenn said...

He looks like such a big boy walking the dog. Tanner is 11 and there is no way he could walk Wilkie she would pull him like a ragdoll!